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YIX is like Cards Against Humanity with GIFs

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The perfect GIF for every play

How does quality AND quantity sound to you? There's no such thing as too many GIFs.

Collect your favorite GIFs

Save any GIF for a future play by adding them to your favorites.

Play custom GIFs

Already know the perfect GIF for a play? Simply paste the link and add it into the game. 

Play Anytime

Sitting at the bus stop? Bored in a meeting? Can't sleep? Play YIX anytime. 

Play with multiple friends

Invite your friends or frenemies to play YIX and compete on playing the best GIFs. 

Play with strangers

Use YIX's quick match option to play immediately with strangers in Stranger Danger mode. 

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hilarious GIFs and growing

Creepy Uncle Jerry is at it again.

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