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A group of friends wanted to create something fun that allowed people to be expressive using animated GIFs. They explored various ideas but it was on January 3rd, 2014 when they realized they wanted to make it a game and call it "YIX."

The word "YIX" doesn't stand for anything outside of it being a fun word to say, which makes sense considering the company’s mantra is "Fun Furst." (Yes, it's intentionally misspelled because it's more Fun.)

The team started playing a rough version of the game using text messages and made the agreement that they wanted to build it, even if it was so they could simply play it with each other.

YIX Team

"Our goal is to raise the happiness of the planet"

- Jenny Diggles, CEO


The YIX team is made up of 6 founders.
They the NW.
Located in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.

Jasenka Gracic, Director of Project Management

Jasenka Gracic

Director of Project Management
Jostin Darlington, VP Product

Jostin Darlington

Tiffany Southworth, Director of Content

Tiffany Southworth

Director of Content
Jeremy Olmsted-Thompson, VP Technology

Jeremy Olmsted-Thompson

VP Technology
Jenny Diggles, President

Jenny Diggles

Benjamin Diggles, Director of Marketing

Benjamin Diggles

Director of Marketing

How To Play

YIX Play

Start a game with Facebook friends to be the first Judge

YIX Play

Choose a phrase for your friends to respond with a GIF

YIX Play

After everyone takes their turn, pick the winner

YIX Play

Play a GIF in response to the phrase the judge picked

YIX Play

Each player is given 10 game GIFs to play from

YIX Play

Build your collecion of favorite GIFs to use later


Party Play

YIX also features an in-person game option called "Party Play" which is currently available using Apple AirPlay or a 3rd party app like Air Server.

YIX Party Play YIX Party Play


YIX will soon be available on more platforms, more devices and will be launching its own advertising platform, guaranteed to please both players and sponsors.

YIX Vision

High standards for sponsored GIF content result in ridiculous engagement

YIX Vision

Direct-linkable logos allow users to interact with brands

YIX Team


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